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cPanel – The Best Hosting Control Panel Available

cPanel Power Chord Web Design1 300x278 cPanel    The Best Hosting Control Panel Available

Our cPanels

WHM and cPanel – Intense Functionality!

We have been offering cPanel’s with every hosting account for over 5 years, and I would never go back to the cheap control setups found elsewhere.  The main one that comes to mind is Godaddy’s control , because it is what I used prior to finding the WHM / cPanel setup.   To be fair, Godaddy does offer cPanels at $9.95/month per account, on top your monthly charges for hosting, but that is simply outrageous… And their built in control panel is the worst!  I had to use it recently for a client that wanted to keep everything in one place (which makes sense for the business owner).  And the connection speed was horrible, it took about 30 seconds per file to upload.  They should take about half a second per file.  And a completed website is usually 100+ files, so you’re looking at 50 minutes to update a website.  And that’s just the connection speed.

I could go on about why I don’t like Godaddy’s built in control panel, but that’s not the point. And as far as non-cPanel’s go, it’s probably one of the best out there.

The best way to experience the cPanel is to see it for yourself. So I’m going to give my prospective clients access to one of the cPanels that I have given out. Actually this domain purchase was a fluke, but it has served it’s purpose as a test account!

Go to:
Username: jamestho
Password: password1

(Don’t get too excited, the account is set up to clear it’s settings periodically.  So there’s no point in trying to do something clever with the DNS routing.)

When you log on to the account, you will see a virtually endless menu of features and programs. It is such a great tool for website control. Be sure to check out Fantastico, that is where you could easily install WordPress, Joomla, and many more.

Your cPanel has great built-in webmail clients, forwarding services, spam filters and much more for all of your emailing needs. As well as unlimited email addresses!

I know that the functionality provided with our hosting and web design services is top notch, and I know you will be please. And best yet, you would have free tech support through our company for any questions you may have about your new control panel and website!

Published by Brett Clanton, on June 26th, 2011 at 2:26 pm. Filled under: CMS Solutions Tags: , , , , , , , No Comments

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