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Recovering Deleted youtube videos.

This is so useful! Deleted videos are not gone forever!

All you need is Firefox and the Firefox Add-On “Download YouTube Videos +”.


Finding your Deleted Video’s ID Number

You basically use these added features to recover the Video’s Id Number.  You’ll notice that in the Url, it ends with ?v=(video ID number) .  As an example, the above video is v=Ddvs-RC-S0I . This guy accomplishes this by pulling up the video views.  But there are bound to be other ways to find the number.  If you have any links to the video or anywhere where you embedded it, youu could get it there too.


Pulling up your video using the “Annotation” feature.

This is a feature that YouTube gives you so that you can edit your videos.  One thing to understand about all this is that YouTube doesn’t literally delete your video from their servers.  Why would they?  They simply mark the video as “un-viewable” or “deleted”, but still have it on file.  It’s my guess that this method of opening the “deleted” video is a glitch that may soon be fixed.  If they “fix” it, this method may not still work.

At 2:33 in the video, he clicks the Annotations Link.  I could not find this link on my computer, but using the URL below worked just fine.

But anyhow, you can pull up the deleted video using the annotation page: Video ID)


Saving the video.

This is where you really want that Add-On, I tied to use to download the video from the Annotation page, but it didn’t seem to work.  But Firefox and the Add-On are both free, so why not use it?

Now you have your Video Back!!!



Published by Brett Clanton, on April 29th, 2011 at 10:50 pm. Filled under: Youtube Tags: , , , , , , No Comments

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