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Blogging Automated

autoblog Blogging Automated

Auto Blog and Get Clients

Auto – Blogging Techniques

Although it takes a lot of work to setup a successful Auto-Blog, they require very little maintenance. Almost everything involved with running a Blog can be either partially or completely automated. It all depends on the quality that you need.

Google knows about these techniques

It’s always an uphill battle when you’re trying to fool the all-powerful Google. So, as I have stated in the past, it’s always best to have an honest approach when it comes to posting content. You cannot just post a jumble of words, that simply will not work. I have settled on partially automated content. Using software that scans the internet for copy on any given topic, you can automatically generate pages worth of copy. You then want to give it a once over, deleting and re-arranging the sentences to make sure that they make sense. Next you can use a synonym spinner to make the content more original by replacing words with synonyms. This too requires some human interaction in order to make a good product.

Let’s give Auto-Blogging a Shot

The following paragraph took less than 3 minutes to create using this method, and the keyword phrase “Web Design“:

Website design is a type of graphic design intended for the development and styling of objects of the Internet’s information environment to give them high-end client features and aesthetic qualities. Website content writing, as suggested by its name, is writing meaningful and persuasive content for websites. Website Design refers back to the skill of creating presentations of content meant for delivery through a network to the end-user. Quality Website design is key to making a good business online.

As you can see, you get great quality copy very, very fast. And since each sentence came from a different source, and many of the words were replaced with synonyms, it’s almost impossible for Google to know it’s not 100% Original.

Some Developers (Including myself) provide content creation services, where you can have your entire blog running with content like this for one flat rate. This is a blessing for a Business Owner without time to write content. And best of all, you’ll get more customers and clients when your website get’s ranked higher on the targeted keywords!

Published by Brett Clanton, on June 23rd, 2011 at 8:06 pm. Filled under: CMS Solutions,Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tags: , , , , 3 Comments

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