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Free Web Marketing for Personal Trainers

Screenshot 300x187 Free Web Marketing for Personal Trainers

Market your Personal Training Services


How do you find clients that need Personal Training?

It’s not easy to find clients when you are a small business. We created when we saw just how many people are hustling to find and train their clients, but didn’t have a web presence. Having a website is not just about having a place to send potential clients, it’s also a place for people to find you! This is commonly overlooked when a trainer is considering purchasing, and building a website.

Setting up your own webpage is COMPLETELY FREE

Let’s say your company is called Super Fitness. You could set up a webpage at quick and easily. This will fill both of the primary functions that you need from a website. You can print business cards, and promote your new webpage. But also, the company name, and content you place on your webpage will start getting indexed in Google as well as other Search Engines. So if someone searches for Super Fitness, Atlanta GA (for example), they will be very likely to find your webpage! They will be able to read all about your company and the services offered, and have your email address, phone number, and other web addresses if appropriate. It’s a great way to get found online, it takes minutes to set up, no effort to maintain, and it’s totally free! Built-In Search Engines

On top of regular Search Engines, people looking for trainers can also go to and search for trainers by location, keywords, and company names. So all the people living close to you and your business, will see you as a convenient option for training. This is something that the big businesses cannot compete with. You have a built in niche in your area simply because it is Your Area! People don’t want to drive 40 minutes to train, they want local trainers that will give them personal attention. If you are not promoting your company’s location, then you are overlooking on the most important factor to your potential clients.

Go to to find out more, and sign up for free!

Blogging Automated

autoblog Blogging Automated

Auto Blog and Get Clients

Auto – Blogging Techniques

Although it takes a lot of work to setup a successful Auto-Blog, they require very little maintenance. Almost everything involved with running a Blog can be either partially or completely automated. It all depends on the quality that you need.

Google knows about these techniques

It’s always an uphill battle when you’re trying to fool the all-powerful Google. So, as I have stated in the past, it’s always best to have an honest approach when it comes to posting content. You cannot just post a jumble of words, that simply will not work. I have settled on partially automated content. Using software that scans the internet for copy on any given topic, you can automatically generate pages worth of copy. You then want to give it a once over, deleting and re-arranging the sentences to make sure that they make sense. Next you can use a synonym spinner to make the content more original by replacing words with synonyms. This too requires some human interaction in order to make a good product.

Let’s give Auto-Blogging a Shot

The following paragraph took less than 3 minutes to create using this method, and the keyword phrase “Web Design“:

Website design is a type of graphic design intended for the development and styling of objects of the Internet’s information environment to give them high-end client features and aesthetic qualities. Website content writing, as suggested by its name, is writing meaningful and persuasive content for websites. Website Design refers back to the skill of creating presentations of content meant for delivery through a network to the end-user. Quality Website design is key to making a good business online.

As you can see, you get great quality copy very, very fast. And since each sentence came from a different source, and many of the words were replaced with synonyms, it’s almost impossible for Google to know it’s not 100% Original.

Some Developers (Including myself) provide content creation services, where you can have your entire blog running with content like this for one flat rate. This is a blessing for a Business Owner without time to write content. And best of all, you’ll get more customers and clients when your website get’s ranked higher on the targeted keywords!

Published by Brett Clanton, on June 23rd, 2011 at 8:06 pm. Filled under: CMS Solutions,Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tags: , , , , 3 Comments

Powerful ways to go live this week!

joomla wp logos Powerful ways to go live this week!

Don’t plan to re-invent the wheel?  We can use blog and website solutions from WordPress and Joomla to get your project online faster!  Let us tell you more about it! 

WordPress Solutions
Making a Blog-Based Website is outstanding for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  The Admin Control Panels allow even the most computer-illiterate owner to add more pages, change copy, add functionality, and Blog Daily!  They also make it easy to customize your keyword optimization to help get you to the top of the search results!

Joomla Websites
Another great website solution.  Joomla websites can be taken live very quickly and will also allow greater control by the website owner.  There are huge communities of people making new templates and widgets for added functionality.  While Joomla is has more of a learning curve than WordPress, it is still very easy to control by anyone.

Getting the most out of SEO

Search Engine Optimization
SEO is talked about a lot but few people really understand how it works.  It is often talked about as a way of getting your website to the first page on search results for your target keyword, but it isn’t that simple.  Pretend your website is a vehicle, and Search Engine Results equates to fuel efficiency.  SEO would be the measures that the car manufacturer would take to try and improve fuel efficiency.  But the limitations have already been defined when you decided what type of vehicle to make.  If it’s a dump-truck, it will never get 20 miles to the gallon.  While a motorcycle could easily get 60 miles per gallon.  I will touch back on this metaphor later. 

2 SEO factors that are impossible to avoid
The two biggest factors to SEO that are out of the web developer’s control are content and link building.

Fresh Content
Google puts a lot of value on a website that has new, fresh content being added and updated often.  This content cannot be copied, or borrowed.  It must be 100% original.  And there’s no getting around this because Google will know, after all, it has all other website’s content logged.

Link Building
Google also thinks that the more websites that link to your site, the more creditable you must be.

You might notice that Facebook, Linkedin, and other social networking sites are often first on search engine results.  This is because it covers these two factors very very well.

Is your website a Dump Truck?
If you are a small company, working locally, with limited budget for your website, your website might be a Dump Truck, based on the metaphor established at the top of this article.  If it is, that’s ok!  It simply means that you must have realistic goals on your SEO performance.  Let’s say you want a simple website for a hardware store.  You can’t expect to beat out the big names like Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Etc!  Their websites are too vast with too much credibility.  This would be a losing battle.  In stead, think about your target audience.  You must know who they are.  Maybe your customers come to you because you are more conveniently located, if so, use that!  Maybe focus on the keywords: downtown, (your city), hardware store.  Or perhaps you carry items that most of your competitors don’t, if that’s the case, use that!  You carry left-handed tools, a left handed Carpenter would be very excited to find you!  So focus on keywords like: left handed tools, symmetric tool handles, left handed saws, etc.

Focus on Keywords?
When I say “Focus on Keywords”  I mean, these are the keywords that you tell your web designer to focus on while he / she builds your site’s SEO.  And also, if you add a blog element to your website (Highly Recommended), write articles about these things.  The whole idea is to work with the search engines, not against them.

Published by Brett Clanton, on April 25th, 2011 at 2:57 pm. Filled under: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)3 Comments

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