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Understanding Business Incubators

businessincubators 300x300 Understanding Business Incubators

Business Incubator

What is a Business incubator?

A business incubator is any current or to be constructed facility, housing an enterprise support network, which has shared services and equipment. The reason for the facility would be to improve the entire process of local economic development through the creation of jobs and the fostering of an environment that’s favorable to business start-ups.

A business incubator will function in a specific location which consists of a unique and rich historical past, therefore it should behave using an eye to the regional economy and institutions. To become an accepted part of this complicated cultural fabric, an incubator must set up its distinctiveness and special purpose. From the small business mindset, the incubator must determine its industry niche. Effective companies very carefully focus on the task of defining the market placement of their services and products in accordance with their competition, in addition to to modifying their market position in response to changing customer preferences.

Business incubators service the entrepreneurial method, assisting to improve success rates for modern start-up businesses. Only business owners with achievable plans are accepted into the incubators, where they are presented a specialised list of assistance options and solutions. The options and solutions available to a business owner consist of: supply of physical space, management training, help in making a a highly effective business strategy , administrative providers, tech support, business networking, information on intellectual property and options for funding. The incubation process is supposed to last close to 2-5 years.

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Free Web Marketing for Personal Trainers

Screenshot 300x187 Free Web Marketing for Personal Trainers

Market your Personal Training Services


How do you find clients that need Personal Training?

It’s not easy to find clients when you are a small business. We created when we saw just how many people are hustling to find and train their clients, but didn’t have a web presence. Having a website is not just about having a place to send potential clients, it’s also a place for people to find you! This is commonly overlooked when a trainer is considering purchasing, and building a website.

Setting up your own webpage is COMPLETELY FREE

Let’s say your company is called Super Fitness. You could set up a webpage at quick and easily. This will fill both of the primary functions that you need from a website. You can print business cards, and promote your new webpage. But also, the company name, and content you place on your webpage will start getting indexed in Google as well as other Search Engines. So if someone searches for Super Fitness, Atlanta GA (for example), they will be very likely to find your webpage! They will be able to read all about your company and the services offered, and have your email address, phone number, and other web addresses if appropriate. It’s a great way to get found online, it takes minutes to set up, no effort to maintain, and it’s totally free! Built-In Search Engines

On top of regular Search Engines, people looking for trainers can also go to and search for trainers by location, keywords, and company names. So all the people living close to you and your business, will see you as a convenient option for training. This is something that the big businesses cannot compete with. You have a built in niche in your area simply because it is Your Area! People don’t want to drive 40 minutes to train, they want local trainers that will give them personal attention. If you are not promoting your company’s location, then you are overlooking on the most important factor to your potential clients.

Go to to find out more, and sign up for free!

Web Design Special Offer – 10% Off!

10 off left red 300x233 Web Design Special Offer   10% Off!

10% off Web Design Services

July 10% off Web Design Special

As the fireworks explode and the storms roll through here in North Georgia, I find myself feeling especially patriotic. The United States was founded, and was helped to grow by entrepreneurs. The interesting thing about Freelance Web Design and Web Development, is that it is most often an agreement of moneys and services between two entrepreneurs. I am myself a small business owner, and entrepreneur, and virtually all of my clients are the same.

All clients and customers to whom I have given a quote this year, will be eligible to receive 10% off of the quoted amount if they act on it this month. And any further quotes to be given this month will also be eligible for this special if they act fast.

I understand the “sales cycle” usually entails the request of a quote weeks or months before you are ready to act, but if you are ready to act soon, you may take full advantage of this offer! Start the process now and request a Power Quote to receive a free estimate in as little as 12 hours!

Are you able to easily offer specials on your company website?

The process of offering this special has also reminded me how many companies have websites online that they are not able to edit! I do not think this to be a proper way to run a company, and I want to reassure any potential clients that my company is ALWAYS able and available to update and maintain your website (whether we created it or not) as well as offer back-end or “admin” systems that can allow you to do so yourself, and save on monthly maintenance costs!

The Quibids Scam

that s who that is swipebids v quibids fake blogs fake reviews and melissa theuriau 19171792 The Quibids Scam

The Quibids Scam

The Scam has been seen on tv commercials recently advertising the purchase of brand-new, hot items, for as much as 95% off. Imagine buying a $2,000 Macbook Pro for $20, these are the types of savings that Quibids is advertising. I have done some reasearch and have determined that Quibids is a scam based on what I have found. While they claim to be offering new, brand-name products for a “steal”, they are glossing over the thousands they make from all of the people that lose each and every auction. Please keep reading to find out how they make so much money, and why they withhold statistics on their bidding process.


Here’s how Quibids works:

  1. They buy items in bulk, brand new. They probably get them for a great deal from buying in bulk.
  2. They set them on auction. The actions have no time limit (I’ll explain later)
  3. Each bid only increases the cost of the item by one penny and each bidder spends $0.60 per bid
  4. The item sells, the sale price is a great deal, for the person who won the bid.

The Auction

Preying on those who are accustom to sites like Ebay, the auctions have a timer, and appear to have a time limit. However, (according to the terms and conditions) Each bid can add up to 20 seconds to the bid countdown. What does this mean? It means that bids will be stuck at the last 10 – 20 seconds for hours on end. It becomes an endurance competition. Thousands participate, and one person wins.

The Bids

Each bid costs the bidder $0.60, and increases the cost of the product by one penny. Really quick, lets do some math. In the screen shot at the top of this article, it says “iPads for $124.80. That means Quibids made $7,612.80 off of each iPad sale, based on the information above, which is verified by quibids’ promotional video that you can find at signup. Here’s the links \YouTube or QuiBids’ Scam of a Website. In the video, the CEO verifies that each bid costs the participants $0.60, and increases the item cost by a penny. This means that each penny resembles $0.60 profit for Quibids. $124.80 = 12,480 pennys. 12,480 x $0.60= $7,488 + $124.80 (the actual payment of the iPad) = $7,612.80.

The Quibids Scam

I find it best to think of this website as a casino or a lottery. Yes, some walk away with success stories, but with tens of thousands of bids per item, you can assume that there are thousands of bidders. And this means that you have countless amounts of people spending money with nothing to show for it. 10 bids = $6.00, so you could see how quick your cost of participating can stack up.

Now, I don’t think Casinos and Lotteries to be unethical. I think most of the participants know what they are getting into. Especially since the lottery prints the odds of winning on every card (or at least they do in Georgia). While statistically, they are still a scam, at least lotteries are up-front about your odds. While Quibids is not.

No Odds of Winning

Quibids says in their terms and conditions, that “Every auction is unique and the results of all auctions offered on QuiBids depend on the number of users participating in such auctions and the skill of the users participating in the auctions; precise odds of winning are therefore unavailable.“. This is a statistical impossibility. If they have the number of participants, and the number of winners, they can have the odds of winning. They claim that skill factors in, but I see no skill involved. Only endurance, and the ability of people to throw away money on an item that they are statistically unlikely to ever win.

I think should be legally required to present the odds of winning an item. Only then, will this be a fair, and legit website. It is my hope that this article informs potential Quibids participants of the risks involved, and if they choose to roll the Quibids Die, they will at least understand what they are getting into. If it were advertised as a raffle or a lottery to begin with, I do not think as many people would find interest.

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cPanel – The Best Hosting Control Panel Available

cPanel Power Chord Web Design1 300x278 cPanel    The Best Hosting Control Panel Available

Our cPanels

WHM and cPanel – Intense Functionality!

We have been offering cPanel’s with every hosting account for over 5 years, and I would never go back to the cheap control setups found elsewhere.  The main one that comes to mind is Godaddy’s control , because it is what I used prior to finding the WHM / cPanel setup.   To be fair, Godaddy does offer cPanels at $9.95/month per account, on top your monthly charges for hosting, but that is simply outrageous… And their built in control panel is the worst!  I had to use it recently for a client that wanted to keep everything in one place (which makes sense for the business owner).  And the connection speed was horrible, it took about 30 seconds per file to upload.  They should take about half a second per file.  And a completed website is usually 100+ files, so you’re looking at 50 minutes to update a website.  And that’s just the connection speed.

I could go on about why I don’t like Godaddy’s built in control panel, but that’s not the point. And as far as non-cPanel’s go, it’s probably one of the best out there.

The best way to experience the cPanel is to see it for yourself. So I’m going to give my prospective clients access to one of the cPanels that I have given out. Actually this domain purchase was a fluke, but it has served it’s purpose as a test account!

Go to:
Username: jamestho
Password: password1

(Don’t get too excited, the account is set up to clear it’s settings periodically.  So there’s no point in trying to do something clever with the DNS routing.)

When you log on to the account, you will see a virtually endless menu of features and programs. It is such a great tool for website control. Be sure to check out Fantastico, that is where you could easily install WordPress, Joomla, and many more.

Your cPanel has great built-in webmail clients, forwarding services, spam filters and much more for all of your emailing needs. As well as unlimited email addresses!

I know that the functionality provided with our hosting and web design services is top notch, and I know you will be please. And best yet, you would have free tech support through our company for any questions you may have about your new control panel and website!

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Blogging Automated

autoblog Blogging Automated

Auto Blog and Get Clients

Auto – Blogging Techniques

Although it takes a lot of work to setup a successful Auto-Blog, they require very little maintenance. Almost everything involved with running a Blog can be either partially or completely automated. It all depends on the quality that you need.

Google knows about these techniques

It’s always an uphill battle when you’re trying to fool the all-powerful Google. So, as I have stated in the past, it’s always best to have an honest approach when it comes to posting content. You cannot just post a jumble of words, that simply will not work. I have settled on partially automated content. Using software that scans the internet for copy on any given topic, you can automatically generate pages worth of copy. You then want to give it a once over, deleting and re-arranging the sentences to make sure that they make sense. Next you can use a synonym spinner to make the content more original by replacing words with synonyms. This too requires some human interaction in order to make a good product.

Let’s give Auto-Blogging a Shot

The following paragraph took less than 3 minutes to create using this method, and the keyword phrase “Web Design“:

Website design is a type of graphic design intended for the development and styling of objects of the Internet’s information environment to give them high-end client features and aesthetic qualities. Website content writing, as suggested by its name, is writing meaningful and persuasive content for websites. Website Design refers back to the skill of creating presentations of content meant for delivery through a network to the end-user. Quality Website design is key to making a good business online.

As you can see, you get great quality copy very, very fast. And since each sentence came from a different source, and many of the words were replaced with synonyms, it’s almost impossible for Google to know it’s not 100% Original.

Some Developers (Including myself) provide content creation services, where you can have your entire blog running with content like this for one flat rate. This is a blessing for a Business Owner without time to write content. And best of all, you’ll get more customers and clients when your website get’s ranked higher on the targeted keywords!

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Recovering Deleted youtube videos.

This is so useful! Deleted videos are not gone forever!

All you need is Firefox and the Firefox Add-On “Download YouTube Videos +”.


Finding your Deleted Video’s ID Number

You basically use these added features to recover the Video’s Id Number.  You’ll notice that in the Url, it ends with ?v=(video ID number) .  As an example, the above video is v=Ddvs-RC-S0I . This guy accomplishes this by pulling up the video views.  But there are bound to be other ways to find the number.  If you have any links to the video or anywhere where you embedded it, youu could get it there too.


Pulling up your video using the “Annotation” feature.

This is a feature that YouTube gives you so that you can edit your videos.  One thing to understand about all this is that YouTube doesn’t literally delete your video from their servers.  Why would they?  They simply mark the video as “un-viewable” or “deleted”, but still have it on file.  It’s my guess that this method of opening the “deleted” video is a glitch that may soon be fixed.  If they “fix” it, this method may not still work.

At 2:33 in the video, he clicks the Annotations Link.  I could not find this link on my computer, but using the URL below worked just fine.

But anyhow, you can pull up the deleted video using the annotation page: Video ID)


Saving the video.

This is where you really want that Add-On, I tied to use to download the video from the Annotation page, but it didn’t seem to work.  But Firefox and the Add-On are both free, so why not use it?

Now you have your Video Back!!!



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Powerful ways to go live this week!

joomla wp logos Powerful ways to go live this week!

Don’t plan to re-invent the wheel?  We can use blog and website solutions from WordPress and Joomla to get your project online faster!  Let us tell you more about it! 

WordPress Solutions
Making a Blog-Based Website is outstanding for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  The Admin Control Panels allow even the most computer-illiterate owner to add more pages, change copy, add functionality, and Blog Daily!  They also make it easy to customize your keyword optimization to help get you to the top of the search results!

Joomla Websites
Another great website solution.  Joomla websites can be taken live very quickly and will also allow greater control by the website owner.  There are huge communities of people making new templates and widgets for added functionality.  While Joomla is has more of a learning curve than WordPress, it is still very easy to control by anyone.

iPhone & iPad Compatibility

193420 ipad iphone 350 iPhone & iPad Compatibility

Make sure these users can view your site!

More and more people are using their phones and tablets to access the Internet.  You want a website that will work properly on these devices?  Well here’s how! 

Flash Animation
Currently, the mobile Apple products that are so popular are still incompatible with Flash. Apple is a control freak, and allowing Flash would violate their Terms of Service Agreements that entitles them to full control of the development platforms on their devices.  It would take too much power out of their hands and they don’t like that.  But, even without Flash Compatibility, Apple products are still king.

Other limitations
The other limitations on developing websites for smart phones are minimal.  Most support Javascript along with HTML and CSS.  And most of the other technologies used for Web Development like PHP programming and MySQL Databases are on the server end, and the device accessing the website doesn’t have anything to do with that.  So the biggest concern is simply screen size, and buttons that are easy to hit with your finger.

Getting Around the Limitations
Flash is such a huge part of Web Development that many have made entire careers based on developing Flash Applications.  But Apple’s stance on the Flash Platform has effectively changed the way Web Developers make Websites.  Any website made through Power Chord will, by default, avoid Flash.  But when an item requires it, that would be discussed with the client.

P.S. – You may have noticed that has recently abandoned it’s Flash-Driven Site and has now conformed to the moblie standards of today!

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Getting the most out of SEO

Search Engine Optimization
SEO is talked about a lot but few people really understand how it works.  It is often talked about as a way of getting your website to the first page on search results for your target keyword, but it isn’t that simple.  Pretend your website is a vehicle, and Search Engine Results equates to fuel efficiency.  SEO would be the measures that the car manufacturer would take to try and improve fuel efficiency.  But the limitations have already been defined when you decided what type of vehicle to make.  If it’s a dump-truck, it will never get 20 miles to the gallon.  While a motorcycle could easily get 60 miles per gallon.  I will touch back on this metaphor later. 

2 SEO factors that are impossible to avoid
The two biggest factors to SEO that are out of the web developer’s control are content and link building.

Fresh Content
Google puts a lot of value on a website that has new, fresh content being added and updated often.  This content cannot be copied, or borrowed.  It must be 100% original.  And there’s no getting around this because Google will know, after all, it has all other website’s content logged.

Link Building
Google also thinks that the more websites that link to your site, the more creditable you must be.

You might notice that Facebook, Linkedin, and other social networking sites are often first on search engine results.  This is because it covers these two factors very very well.

Is your website a Dump Truck?
If you are a small company, working locally, with limited budget for your website, your website might be a Dump Truck, based on the metaphor established at the top of this article.  If it is, that’s ok!  It simply means that you must have realistic goals on your SEO performance.  Let’s say you want a simple website for a hardware store.  You can’t expect to beat out the big names like Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Etc!  Their websites are too vast with too much credibility.  This would be a losing battle.  In stead, think about your target audience.  You must know who they are.  Maybe your customers come to you because you are more conveniently located, if so, use that!  Maybe focus on the keywords: downtown, (your city), hardware store.  Or perhaps you carry items that most of your competitors don’t, if that’s the case, use that!  You carry left-handed tools, a left handed Carpenter would be very excited to find you!  So focus on keywords like: left handed tools, symmetric tool handles, left handed saws, etc.

Focus on Keywords?
When I say “Focus on Keywords”  I mean, these are the keywords that you tell your web designer to focus on while he / she builds your site’s SEO.  And also, if you add a blog element to your website (Highly Recommended), write articles about these things.  The whole idea is to work with the search engines, not against them.

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